Elan Mx Four Super 188cm M/marker Bindinger (Generell)
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Elan Mx Four Super 188cm M/marker Bindinger

Elan Mx Four Super 188cm M/marker Bindinger

Beskrivelse Slalomski med bindinger selges. Fant denne omtalen på nett:"ELAN MX Four Super 173cm This is another main player in my ski arsenal. This ski has it all. It will go anywhere and do anything. Short or long turns are no problem. It is quick and strong to engage. It holds through the turn like you are on a rail. It finishes the turn very nice with a strong tail. Keep the shovel in the fall line and you can do no wrong. In the bumps and off piste you can dance. On the groom runs you can let it rip. This ski will carve a monster arc when you roll it on edge. This ski took some abuse from me and still holds it camber. I have a lot of fun with this ski. I skied the 177cm also, but did not like it as much as the 173cm."Skiene trenger en slip/prep. Sålen er satt inn med tykt lag med glider for å ikke tørke ut.

Pris: kr 300,-

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