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Electracam 2.4ghz Rtr Ready Set M/ Kamera
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Electracam 2.4ghz Rtr Ready Set M/ Kamera

ElectraCam er det perfekte valget for nybegynnere eller de som har flydd mindre modeller før.

ElectraCam er en videreutvikling av det populære ElectraFun.

Hoved forskjellen er at ElectraCam har videokamera montert.

Kameraet styres ifra senderen, du kan velge mellom still bilder eller video.

Dataene lagres på MicroSD (ikke inkludert).

filmer og bilder kan da flyttes enklet ifra flyet til pc'n.

Teknisk Data: Vingespenn: 1030mm Lengde: 750mm Batteri: 8,4v 900mah Flytid: ca15min Sender: 6ch 2.4Ghz Regulator: 10A Motor: 380 motor Minne: Micro SD inntil 2GB (medfølger ikke) Til denne modellen trenger du 8stk AA batterier, eventuelt MicroSD minne kort.

Introducing the ElectraCam? a whole new flying experience! Most people who fly models have, at one point or another, thought about putting a camera on their planes to capture and have the ability to replay their flights and enjoy their surrounding area from a birds eye view in the sky.

The ElectraCam gives you the ability to capture these moments in still photo or video 640 x 480 resolutions and lets you turn the camera on & off remotely as required from the transmitters 5th channel camera switch.

What is it? The ESCALE ElectraCam is an easy-flying, pusherdriven aircraft that takes video or still pics using the factory-installed, German-designed camera with adjustable angle camera mount.

EScale designed the ElectraCam to be smooth flying with great auto-stability built-in so you can enjoy the flying yet still operate the camera from the 5th channel.

A pusher configuration ensures that shots are not marred by blurry propellers appearing through your footage and the upper mid-mounting position is the safest place for a precision camera too.

Is it ?newcomer-friendly?? Yes, it?s ideal for beginners as the ElectraCam was designed from the outset to be simple to fly and auto-stable using rudder, elevator and throttle controls.

With a compact 41? wingspan, band-mounted wings and polypropylene fuselage ensures that even a bad landing is absorbed with the minimum of fuss.

We?ve cruised hands-off at half throttle on many journeys into the great photographic unknown and been hugely impressed with it?s controlled handling and the many landings of varying quality!.

How does it work? The easy-to-use camera has 3 modes: single pic, serial pics and video mode.

Choose the mode you want to use and select the channel 5 switch to start or to stop recording when you choose ? perfect for that low level beat-up across the strip! Recording is made to a micro SD card (JP no.

5505218 not supplied).

Power is drawn from the onboard battery pack so no separate battery pack is required.

The camera adds just 15 grams and focuses from 1 foot through to infinity and beyond! * Features Hassle free 2.4g 6-channel Escale radio system * Quick assembly time * Light weight robust airframe * Flying time of up to 15 minutes * Flycam Eco camera system * Camera resolution 640x480 * Camera memory card ? Micro SD card (not included) (see 5505218) * Camera modes ? Video, Serial Picture, Single Picture * Fun Follow your friends and enjoy some nap-of-the-earth videos replays * Climb for height and glide around in the tranquil sky?s * Connect a streamer for some streamer chasing fun! * Seek out those thermals and soar like the birds

Price: kr 1 990,-

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