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Home Recording/monitor Speakers 1 Roland Ds5 1 Yamaha Hs50m
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Home Recording/monitor Speakers 1 Roland Ds5 1 Yamaha Hs50m

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Good speakers for home recording or DJing. Crisp clean sound. Pack a real punch when turned up. Can also be used for recording with programs such as. Logic, Reason, Ableton, Tracktor Etc There is 1 Roland DS5 and one 1 Yamaha HS50M. The reason they are different is that when purchasing the rolands they only sent one and then they finished producing them. I then searched the web to find another speaker with the same capacity and came up with the Yamaha. i have been using the two together for about 9 months and i love them. few scratches on the speakers but nothings overly noticable and certainly not sound affecting all power cables included along with two cables to fit right into soundcard/amplifier of your choice i have been making music with them as well as listening and couldnt be happier with the two, however im leaving to go travel on the 1st NOV so i need to let them go. Considering one of them cost me 1700 this is a steal of a buy first one who contacts gets it. http://se.yamaha.com/sv/products/music-production/speakers/hs_series/hs50m/?mode=model http://www.roland.com/products/en/DS-5/

Plassering: Markveien 50, 0554 Oslo

Pris: kr 1 750,-

Opprettet på: 08:01 AM Opprettet av: Steve Lewis
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