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Overvåkningskamera M/ Ir Nattlys, Wifi, Bevegelsessensor Og Bevegelseskontroll
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Overvåkningskamera M/ Ir Nattlys, Wifi, Bevegelsessensor Og Bevegelseskontroll

Tenk å kunne sitte i på stranden i syden, og følge med på at alt står bra til på hytta eller i hjemmet, og i tillegg få varsling om noe skjer mens du er borte! Her har du overvåkningskameraet som gir deg akkurat det du trenger, og se til hvilken deilig pris! Kameraet har stor bevegelighet, WiFi, infrarødt nattlys, bevegelsessensor, lyd, varsling via e-post, styring av kameraet med et enkelt museklikk og mye mer.

Det som gjør det enda mer genialt er at du kan kjøre fire slike kameraer på en og samme skjerm, slik at du kan holde øye med hele huset om du ønsker det.

Her sitter du ikke bare å glor, å neida, dette kameraet har så mye, mye mer å tilby! Her kan du sitte trygt hjemme i stua og bevege kameraet rundt i rommet på eks.

hytta på Geilo eller leiligheten i Florida med et enkelt trykk på musen.

Skulle det fortsatt være noen der, men utenfor kameraets vinkel, så tar denne opp lyd også! Du kan være hvor som helst i verden og holde øye med det meste, om det er hytta, garasjen, ferieboligen, soverommet til barna eller hva enn du ønsker å vokte! Er det noe eller noen som utløser bevegelsessensoren på kameraet og ikke du følger med, får du varsling via epost.

Kan det bli mer genialt enn dette? Nedenfor kommer det solid info fra leverandøren, så les og bli imponert! The ultimate IP security camera that comes with motion detection alarm recording function has arrived.

Monitor and record from anywhere in the world.

Are you worried about security? Then we have found the perfect peace of mind gadget available in the market today.

This is an IP security camera that has it all.

Night vision, email alert, motion detection, quad screen viewing, tilt and maneuvering functions with a click of the mouse.

You can set up to 4 IP cameras and give each a static IP, then go online from anywhere in the world by visiting the IP address and login to start monitoring.

Once you are logged in, you can manage an array of functions and change, modify, implement, view, and do so much more than just sit and watch.

This model provides true versatility in its applications with WiFi enabled and the additional option that allows this smart IP camera to alert you via email when the motion detection record function is activated.

Whether you're at an airport or a coffee shop, or you?re in Hong Kong, Paris, London, Barcelona, California, Moscow etc, you?ll be able to check the security status of your home or business from any computer in the world that has an internet connection.

The WiFi feature on this global security camera with motion detection recording comes with a CMOS 1/4 inch sensor for providing you with a high quality image for over the web viewing and supports TCP/IP, DHCP, SMTP, TP, DDNS, UPNP network protocols.

Thanks to the night vision capability you can monitor and view your home or office any time, 24/7.

The CVLM-I33 Wi-Fi feature comes with WEP encrypted security options, this helps in making sure your IP security camera system is protected from hackers.

You can be at your office, Starbucks, or pretty much anywhere and still have full control of your security system to see what is going on at home.

You can now truly say that you've got eyes at the back of your head! At a Glance...

* Nightvision * Quad display * WEP Encryption * Worldwide access * Connect up to 4 IP cameras * Motion detect with email alarm * Connect with WiFi or with LAN cable Manufacturer Specifications * Primary Function: IP Security Camera with Motion Detection Recording * Sensor: CMOS 1/4 inch * Network Interface: RJ-45/10-100 Base T 802.11b/g * Network Protocol: TCP/IP, DHCP, SMTP, TP, DDNS, UPNP * Motion Detection Support: Yes * Monitoring Mode: IE browse * Security Password Protection: Yes * Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux * White Balance: Auto * Working Temperature: 0 - 50 C * Power Source: Power Adapter (100V-240V) * Power Consumption 3W * Viewing Distance - Daytime: 80 - 100 meters - Nighttime: 50 meters * Main Screen Software Controls & Displays Viewing and Recording (Visitor) - Single Screen - Multi Screen - Add Time Stamp on record - OSD Color - Audio Buffer - Play, Stop, Snapshot, - Record - Audio, Video, MIC Record * Operator - 360 Degree panning Control - Viewing Options - Reversal, Mirror - Resolution - 320 x 240, 640 x 480 - Mode - 50 Hz/60Hz, Outdoor - Brightness & Contrast Adjustments * Administrator - User Settings - Set up to 8 users - Set Time & Date - Sync with your PC and select from a list of Ntp servers - Multi-Device Options - This feature allows you to setup 4 IP cameras to monitor simultaneously.

- Basic Network Settings - Use the basic network settings to allocate IP addresses to each individual IP camera* - Wireless LAN Settings - Comes with WEP encryption security options - ADSL Settings - UPnP Settings - DDNS Service Settings - Mail Service Settings - Set up mail alert - FTP Service Settings - Alarm Service Settings - Motion Detection, Alarm Input, Send mail On Alarm, Upload Image on Alarm * Recording Specifications - MJEPG (AVI) Format - 100 FPS - Resolutions: 320 x 240, 640 x 480 - Audio: PCM Codec / 8000Hz 128 kb/s (1 chnl) * Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7 * Certification: CE, FCC * Dimensions: Diameter: 100 x H:120 (mm) * Manufacturers Ref: IPGAH9OC2AM7 Product Notes * Day or night, see who's there * Setup 4 cameras, and monitor different rooms * See it all, know it all, and catch them all, world wide surveillance at a click of your mouse * Records audio and video, so listen to what their saying even if they are hiding from the camera Package Contents For CVLM-I33 * IP Camera * Ethernet Cable * Mounting Plate * Wall Screws x 2 * Power Adapter (100 - 240v) * CD (User Manual - English, IP Camera Application) * Antenna FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions * What will happen if each IP camera uses of the same given or default IP Using the same IP on each camera will cause an IP conflict.

Make sure you read the user manual carefully and thoroughly before installing the IP camera.

If you are not an IT "savvy" individual then you should consult a IT technician to help you install this unit.

* Do I need a user name and password to access the admin controls once I visit the IP address of the security camera Yes, located in the user manual are the default user name and password, once you have logged in to the admin controls, make sure you change the default user name and password to something that you can remember but difficult for someone else to guess.

* Does the Motion detection have an included sensitivity control Yes It does, after you install the IP camera, log onto the admin panel and select the sensitivity option that best suits your needs.

It is recommended that you test each sensitivity option as to best determine what it should be for your given need * What does IP stand for? Is this like a security camera? IP stands for Internet Protocol.

This kind of camera can be used like a security surveillance or webcam, the choice is yours.

* My friend sent me a link to www.megaupload.com/****** where he says there is a better firmware/software for this camera.

So how do I "flash" the firmware? Which version of firmware does this camera run? We do not recommend flashing the firmware and cannot give you links or advice on changing the specifications of the product.

Yes, you can find updated firmware and/or upgraded software on the internet for this IP Camera, but we cannot provide support or assistance in doing product modifications.

Price: kr 1 290,-

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